A collection of documentation and exchange intended for professors and teachers of language and literature, as well as the development of a plan for training working professors of creative writing and complementary studies, so they can present, in the classroom, a writing(s) workshop as a learning tool for a fluid and expressive relationship with written language, including its new and more popular uses.

Writing(s) Club

The development and management of activities for a writing club that will allow a large number of people to exchange their work and experiment with the new tools of expression proper to screen pages or light pages. Currently the Foundation runs Club de escritura (the Spanish version) and participates in ongoing negotiations for the cloning and opening of new clubs in various languages and in collaboration with a variety of institutions.


The production of new digital publications, giving priority to those of a collective character, which integrate creations that are the product of the relationships between traditional written language and photography, audiovisual art and other media proper to the realm of screen pages. The first of these publications, Historias de familia, is already available.

Collection of resources

The creation of a collection of materials and teaching resources relating to creative (literary) writing and connected topics. Fundación Escritura(s) is in the process of entering into agreements for filming classes and specialized seminars that will enrich this collection. It is negotiating the cession and translation of teaching materials developed by various institutions, and is seeking agreements for funding with which to finance the permanent expansion of the collection.

New Narratives

The design of a specific area of research and resources concerning new, interactive, online narrative formats, with specialized workshops, teaching materials, interviews with programmers interested in a broadened concept of writing(s), web designers and specialists in interactivity and other areas proper to the digital formats that affect how we read and write today on screen pages.

Collective creation

A resource collection for exploring collective creation, where exploration and relating with the community in its various dimensions (town, neighbourhood, city, workplace, educational centre, etc.) are on the first plane.


Design of a space for exchange specifically imagined for primary and secondary school teachers and university instruction, as well as fostering studies, fieldwork, contacts and dialogues with the educational institutions on which depend the basic, secondary and university instruction related to the teaching of creation writing.

Help for creation projects

Development of a fundraising strategy in order to aid with creative projects and research that use the new languages proper to light pages, and which find their natural domain of diffusion on the web or through virtual networks (exchange of files via mail, tweets, sms, etc.).


Selçuc Demirel