Highlights of the platform:

1. Main features of the club

2. Quick guide to publishing your works in the club

3. Editing my texts. What tools can I use?

4. An extended concept of writing. What do we mean by that?

1. Main features of the club

– You can publish any kind of texts, traditional (literary, professional…) or those enriched with videos, maps, music or sounds and other innovative resources.

– Your profile and texts are integrated in a broad and active community from which you can also spread your works among contacts and social networks.

– Expose your work to third party commentaries and modify them whenever you want, without losing the history of readings and interactions with your text.

– You can save drafts of your ongoing works in composition course and publish them when convenient.

– You can experiment with new ways of composing thanks to the Club’s innovative text editor, an intuitive and very easy to use tool.

– You can also participate in a wide variety of competitions run by Writing(s) Foundation, with generous endowments.

– The Club is completely free.


Publica tu primera obra - access to Spanish Writing Club

2. Quick guide to publishing your works in the club

As previously mentioned, you can publish traditional literary, professional or enriched texts. The information you are reading now has been inserted as if it were an independent work of a Club’s user, so that you can appreciate, firsthand, some of the fantastic resources available to enrich your publications. As you can see, this text fits into an extended concept of writing that includes music, sounds, images, videos, blurbs… All of which will be at your fingertips and in the simplest way imaginable.

How to get started? The first step is to register -a very simple process that only takes a minute- to register or login with your Facebook or Google account.

Once registered, complete your personal profile with the information you would like other people to know about you/your interests, and these will be displayed next to your works.

In the last part of your profile, in your independent works’ shelves, you will see a blank space bordered by a dotted line in which you can start writing:

You can submit your saved work to public opinion and correct them as many times as you wish, based on the comments you receive, if you feel this will help improve your work. And without losing the comments or the number of readings!

You can follow authors whose work caught your eye by clicking their circular avatar picture; in your profile you will be able to check who you are following and who is following you, forming a lively and active community with similar interests, enjoying a growing dialogue.

The reader’s commentaries (honest, respectful, in line with to our ethics) are one of the most outstanding values of this club. The opportunity to meet with interested readers who will give their honest opinion about your work and offer you the possibility to improve it based on collective commentary, make this self-publishing platform a privileged space for the creation of your workTaking advantage of it in all its possibilities is now within your reach (Click on the green underlined text to see an example of opinions and comments, what we call “blurbs”, one of the innovative features of the text editor).

3. Editing my texts. What tools can I use?

In addition to running text and the most common layout resources, the club’s text editor will allow you to explore some powerful and expressive resources:

1) Inserting music or sounds (upload MP3 audio files)

You can insert sounds and music in any part of your text, thanks to a reproduction toolbar. It is as simple as inserting a photograph into a Word document. You can choose to have it play automatically when the reader accesses the text (setting a story with music from the very beginning), or you can choose to have the reader click on the play button, so that the music starts at the moment they so desire. For example, you can continue to read the following with the music that we selected if you click the “play” button of the following playback bar. You can adjust the volume and even download it if you want!:

This innovative resource allows you to include voice phrases, conversation fragments, street sounds or sounds from nature … Its creative possibilities are endless. Likewise, the benefits for technical or professional texts are plentiful.

2) Inserting a map from Google maps, instead of a static image, allows the reader to move within the map , zoom in or out, create a new search or, with Street View application, be virtually placed on the street itself.
(You do not know what Google Street View is?)

3) We have simplified the operation of inserting an image or video. Just click on its icon in the toolbar and in the popup window “drag the image or select it from a file” or paste the URL of the YouTube or Vimeo video.

4) Lastly, the most innovative resource of the club that you will not find on any other site is the blurb(Click on the underlined green to open a blurb and learn more about them).
This innovative resource is most closely related to the footnote, however the blurb has the potential for more sophisticated and creative uses. To create is to experiment and you are sure to find original ways to take advantage of blurbs!

4. An extended concept of writing. What do we mean by that?

In coexistence with the traditional literary text that many of the users of the club opt for and that, of course, has our utmost respect, you can now experiment with an extended concept -and techniques- that writing and publishing on digital platforms offer in this day and age.

We have prepared a text synthesizing the fundamental reflections that led us to create these innovative tools of editing and online publishing, while briefly illustrating some of the possibilities of this new expanded concept of writing.
It takes just five minutes to read.

The Writing(s) Foundation also hosts various activities with didactic materials. These activities (contests, video-workshops…) are intended for those users of the Writing(s) Club who are still in a learning phase. The teaching materials have been provided by Talleres de Escritura Creativa Fuentetaja, the largest educational platform in the Spanish-speaking world dedicated to literary creation.


Publica tu primera obra - access to Spanish Writing Club

Information for institutions

The Writings Club can serve educational (colleges, institutes, universities) and cultural (libraries, magazines, radios, publishing houses …) institutions, traditional competitions, etc., to create a community and organize their own activities or take advantage of those already organized destined to its own environment. However, it is not only to call to open competitions and highly participative events; the club can adapt without difficulty to become a didactic platform of online workshops so that lessons can be included in programmable dates, so that the members of the workshop can share and comment their online works around their proposals of work.

Its objective is to open the possibility of establishing partnerships with professional groups and cultural or educational institutions, private or public, taking advantage of the varied catalog of club activities. We have already had a long history of collaborative relationships.

The Club

As a social environment, the club fully exploits all current resources to create interest, discussion and exchange groups. Today it is already a very dynamic community, made up of about 50,000 people who are fond of writing.

As an original and innovative writing tool, it transcends writing texts for paper and adapting to the evidence that we spend most of our time reading and writing on screen pages: pages of light where you can write not only with words, but also with photos, moving images and sounds, as well as other amazing expressive resources offered by the digital realm. It is also a scalable application that has a team of high level programmers at your service to develop advanced versions that integrate new expressive resources in a simple interface which is accessible to any non-specialized user.

The Writings Club is at the forefront of developing tools and guidelines for the use of this new language, both in its most creative aspect and in its didactic aspect: Its headquarters, the Writing(s) Foundation is dedicated to exploring this new concept of extended writing, a new language of fact, that can coexist with traditional records or explore new creative territories adapted to our times.

The Foundation, created by the Talleres de Escritura Creativa Fuentetaja (Creative Writing Workshops Fuentetaja) is based on the structure and great experience of this educational company with more than 30 years of experience and a pioneer in the awareness that we are all storytellers, something which is consubstantial to the human condition. No institution in the world dedicated to the teaching of creative writing has achieved so much dissemination and recognition, as proven by our Facebook page, which has more than 350,000 followers.

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